Hello! I’m Tarnae, the founder of Tres Chic Studio Co, a boutique Design Studio specialising in beautiful, finely crafted Branding, Logo Design, Creative Styling, Web Design & Development and various online sparkle.  I work with passionate Entreprenuers who are in various stages of their business, from start-up to rebranding. I believe in the magic of clear, concise and purposeful design, it’s at the heart of every successful business. My role is to take what my clients envisage, conceptualise their goals into timeless representations of what their business means to them and their target audience.

After many years working for various multi-national, international corporations, ad agencies and Child Saftey in Brisbane & Sydney organizing various BRW executives in my role as Executive Assistant I took some time off in 2011/2012 to welcome my beautiful boy into the world whilst finishing off my Commercial Arts qualifications (CATC, N. Sydney) and simultaneously kicking off my own design studio as a solo project.  These days I work out of our own design studio surrounded by nature on the outskirts of Toowoomba.  Here, my work is feminine, finely detailed and thoughfully created.

My role as a Designer is to understand you, my designs then make sure the rest of the world does too.

Help you get those big, beautiful visions out of your head and onto the internet and marketing collateral for all to see (and fall in love with you!).

Bring your designs to life. Design, develop and build brands that speak to you and your ideal clients.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to take more of a wander around our website. If our style fits with your vision, contact us about getting on our design schedule!

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