Nothing says “I don’t like you” like getting a whole pack of glitter dumped on you when you least expect it, it ends up in your hair, up your nose, on your cat and in your car; 3 years later. And before you say “oohhh big deal” there is a point to my story (!) You may have heard the hype of a certain glittery website lately; is offering messy revenge in the form of sparkly glitter bombs! crashed under the weight of visitors (most likely people who want to get back at their sh*tty boss or ex boyfriend), and then the owner threw his hands up (propably covered in glitter?) and decided to sell the website off on Website Flippa to get it out of his hair (glitter pun #54), but here’s the thing…. last I heard the highest bidder was up to $70,000. Okay, I’ve just done another check and it sold after 345 bids for a total of…..


. . . don’t you just wish now you thought of it.

Here’s another  stat: This website generated $20,000+ in sales and bought in 2.5 million visits in 4 days, the website was launched on 12 January 2015. That’s right, the website was live for only 7 days. The only marketing that was done was a tweet from [creator] Matthew’s personal twitter account and a post on the website Product Hunt.

*High Five* to Matthew Carpenter (22 year old Glitter Genius & fellow Web Designer, who was bored one weekend).

I’ve checked out the new owner’s site, which is not as good, the hilarious dry wit and sarcasm in the copy is gone, I mean what other website told it’s viewers to go f*ck themselves in a way that was so funny it was not actually offensive?

Future Opportunities for the Brand

You can see the website & brand have so much potential for expansion and more media attention. The new owner has reopened the floodgates by putting the order form back up on the website which you can pay via PayPal and glitter bombs are now half the price, oh dear.  Possible long term objectives could include introducing other annoying products for users to send to prank people they don’t like or perhaps your own boyfriend after some illegible bickering? The SEO and natural backlinks are already there too and can only grow.  There’s branding on each letter sent out with the glitter bombs which obviously make for excellent referrals to people who similarly want to dump glittter on other people (aka new sales).

What makes this Website stand out from it’s competition?

When the website was launched it was the only one of it’s kind. It had 0 (zero) competitors. Though, it only took a couple of days for the copycats to get busy. The majority of the clone sites are ugly, not designed well and lack any sort of entertaining content.